Window Replacement CostWindow Replacement Cost

When you’re considering replacing your window, you naturally want to know how much it will cost. Unfortunately determining the cost of replacing windows isn’t exactly straightforward.

There are many factors to consider, including:

  • Glazing. Do you need double- or triple-glazed windows? Many people assume that more glazing is better, but that’s not necessarily the case. In our climate, double-glazing is usually perfectly fine unless the window is exposed to extreme cold and north winds.
  • Casing. There are many styles and types of casing available. You also need to consider whether you want paint the casing or get real wood that can be stained.
  • Jamb extensions. What depth of jamb, and what material, is required to meet your needs?
  • Colours. While white vinyl is the most popular choice, we can paint or provide a simulated wood stain to match your interior and exterior designs. These options are more costly than the standard white.
  • Insert or full frame replacement. A window insert is simply installing a window within the existing frame. A full frame replacement removes the entire window and frame. This has the advantage of upgrading the insulation around the window, getting rid of any rot, mold, or mildew, and maximizing the amount of glass area. For these reasons, we do not recommend inserts.
  • Window type. Do you want casement (fixed or opening), awning, double-hung, sliders?
  • Exterior. Different exteriors such as wood, siding, or stucco may require different solutions. Also, the exposure of the window to rain and snow determines any unique flashing requirements.

Average Cost to Replace Windows

If you’d like an idea about the average cost for our window replacement service, you can calculate it as follows:

  • Measure the width of the window, in inches, at the outside of the casing.
  • Measure the height of the window, in inches, at the outside of the casing.
  • Add the two measurements. The total is referred to as united inches (UI).

Our approximate cost is based on $15-20 per united inch. So if your window is 48” wide and 60” high (108 UI), the average cost will be roughly $1,620 to $2,160. Note that the final cost could, in some cases, be more or less.

Window Cost: Estimate Vs Quote

Because of the above factors, we can’t give you a cost by phone or email. We can only give you an exact, firm price once we see your home, discuss all your requirements, and determine any special conditions.

Once we know all the information, we can give you a firm quote, not just a rough estimate. What’s the difference?

An estimate doesn’t take all of the above factors into account; it’s basically just a rough idea, subject to change once the installation starts. A quote is detailed and specifies all the exact requirements, and is firm. Once we give you a quote, that’s the price you’ll pay even if there are some problems, like mold and rot, that we didn’t anticipate. Our quote includes everything that’s required for the highest-quality window replacement, including rot remediation within the rough opening.

We won’t pressure you into buying because we want you to be comfortable with your decision. If you decide not to do business with us, that’s fine. We believe our prices are fair for providing a high-quality installation that doesn’t skimp on any steps in the process.