Superior Patio Doors (Sliding Doors)Superior Patio Doors (Sliding Doors)

Patio DoorPatio doors are one of the most problematic doors in the house. They frequently become sticky and hard to operate, dirt gets in the tracks, or the screen refuses to stay in place.Also, the hardware may not be the best quality, and handles and locks can be short lived. And because sliding doors are almost all glass, they can be one of the biggest causes of energy waste in your home.

Fortunately, we have what we believe is the quietest, smoothest, most durable, most secure, and most thermally efficient door on the market. Our sliding doors are made the way a patio door should be, as proven by one of the lowest service rates in the industry.


These patio doors have many outstanding features, some of which are unique in the industry:

  • A patented dual-tandem nylon wheel system
  • Raised roller tracks to keep dirt away from the wheels
  • A multi-chamber frame design, with more enclosed air space, for better thermal efficiency
  • Multiple weatherstripping to reduce outside noise
  • Perfectly interlocking panel rails, making it virtually impossible to remove the doors from the outside
  • A lower sill design for safer entry and exit (no more tripping or stubbed toes)
  • Panel adjustments to accommodate uneven surfaces during installation
  • Extremely water tight design
  • Double exterior walls for extra strength and insulating properties
  • Screens with patented, adjustable spring wheels to stay in place so there are no derailments


Our sliding glass doors are available in two-, three-, and four-panel options.


Our patio doors are available in standard colours of white or beige, but can also be customized to the colour of your choice to suit your d├ęcor. See the possible colour selections here.

Patio door stylesPatio door styles