Custom Windows for Country LivingCustom Windows & Doors for Country Living

Did you know that high-quality windows make an amazing difference in the comfort of your country home? They keep it warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and even make it safer by preventing mold growth from condensation. So many customers over the years have told me that their new custom windows have literally changed their lives!

Hi, I’m Richard Rohaghan, owner of Countryside Windows, serving rural and suburban areas around Calgary, including Okotoks, High River, Chestermere, Strathmore, and Airdrie—and all the small towns in between. I’ve been installing windows and doors for over 30 years, and like you, I live in the country and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m proud of the fact that most of our business comes from referrals or repeat business from happy customers. That tells me we’re doing something right

Neighbours Serving Neighbours

I’ve lived on an acreage in De Winton for many years and my crew and I like serving customers who enjoy small town / rural living and suburban estates—people who share the culture of country living. We’re neighbours serving neighbours and we take an old-fashioned approach to doing business.

That’s why I don’t take any money up front. It’s just a matter of trust—an old-fashioned value that I think has almost disappeared. You trust me to do what I promise, and I trust you to pay me when you’re happy. I don’t know how to do business any other way.

Only The Best Windows & Doors

My philosophy has always been “I won’t install windows in your home that I wouldn’t put in my own home.” And I won’t walk away from a job until I know we’ve done our best, that no one could have done it better, and that you’re happy.  I want to know we’ve improved the value of your home, made it more comfortable, and made it safer. So I won’t use products that won’t serve you well years from now.

And that’s not going to change. I don’t believe in good, better, best—only the best. That’s why we source the best quality windows and doors, often from true craftsmen who care as much as we do about you, not about their bottom line.  

As you know, quality, skill, and experience cost money. Our customers value these things and know that we’d never gouge them. We offer quality windows and doors, at a fair price.

You Have A Problem, We Have A Solution

That’s the way we look at every job. You may have condensation problems or problems with hardware, or maybe you’re wondering if your windows can be replaced or enlarged. Maybe it’s time to upgrade but you aren’t sure what you need.

Our job isn’t to sell you products; it’s to give you suggestions, based on years of experience, on what works best, and let you choose what you’re most comfortable with. We’re problem solvers as much as experienced window replacement specialists. And we will never, ever pressure you into buying something.

I’ve had the same crew for many years, and I don’t sub your window installations out to anyone else. Over the years, we’ve made our share of mistakes, but we’ve always fixed them, and never repeated them. We’re not perfect, but we’re close!

Want to learn more? Give me a call at 403-815-6510, or just fill out our easy “No-Obligation Consultation”  form on the left. We’ll schedule a time convenient to you to discuss your needs. No high-pressure sales. No promises we can’t keep. Just a friendly chat to answer your questions and see how we can help.

Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you.

Richard Ronaghan –Owner