Windows: Frequently Asked QuestionsWindows: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better, wood windows or vinyl windows?

Wood has been used for window frames for as long as windows have existed. Vinyl windows (and aluminum windows) were originally developed as lower-cost alternatives to wood. Until recently though, wood windows have been the best choice, because wood is a natural insulator.

But technological advances in vinyl (PVC extrusions) have more than leveled the playing field. Top-of-the-line vinyl has been tested and shown to have better insulating properties than wood. And contrary to what most people believe, vinyl is very environmentally friendly. If it wasn’t, it would not be used in hospitals.

Furthermore vinyl windows, unlike wood windows, require almost no maintenance. Unless you’re going to refinish the wood regularly, vinyl will outlast wood. Wood windows are also typically more expensive than even high-quality vinyl windows.

I’m not crazy about white or beige. Are there any other colour options?

Fortunately, you’re no longer limited to two options. Our manufacturer has developed both paint colours and authentic-looking wood stains to give you any look you want, both on the inside and outside of your windows.

If you’re only replacing a few windows and don’t want mismatched windows, colours and stains are the perfect solution. Learn more about our colour and stain options.

If all you really want is an authentic wood finish on the interior, we can provide real wood jamb extensions and casing that can be stained to your liking.

What can I do about about condensation, ice, or snow on the inside of my windows?

It depends. Sometimes you can take measures to reduce or eliminate condensation; other times you may simply be faced with glass and/or window replacement. Read more about window condensation.

I clean my windows as much as I can and they’re still dirty. Why?

Unfortunately, this means your seals have deteriorated. Your only options are to either completely replace the sealed units or consider replacing the windows.

How much will new vinyl windows cost?

Until we see your home and address your requirements, it’s impossible to give you an exact price. There are many window fabricators, and each one will have different options to suit different budgets. If you’d like to know our approximate cost for windows, read here.

I’ve heard that I should get triple-glazed windows. Is that true?

Only if you live in the Arctic. Canada has three climactic zones. The warmest (zone 1) is on the west coast; the coldest (zone 3) is most of northern Canada. Central and southern Alberta are in zone 2. So, unless you have windows that get little sunlight and are highly exposed to cold, northerly winds, double-glazed windows will be more than adequate.

I’ve seen lots of windows with hardware that doesn’t work very well. Will mine have the same problems?

Absolutely not. This is often the case with poorer-quality windows, but we use the best hardware on the market, designed for many years of dependable performance. Also, the hardware we use has some unique features that keep the windows themselves from becoming twisted, not closing properly, and being subject to ice formation.

How easy is it to remove the screens?

It depends on the style of window you choose, but in most cases, removing the screens is very easy.

I like sliding windows. Is there a reason I shouldn’t use them?

We can provide sliding windows if that’s your choice. In fact, if egress is an issue, we might even recommend them as the best choice. In general though, sliders have a friction seal that wears out more quickly than the pressure seal of a casement or awning window.

Do you have a showroom where I can see your windows for myself?

No and yes. No, for two very good reasons:

  • The cost of setting up a showroom will force us to raise our prices. We do everything we can to give you the highest-quality windows at fair prices.
  • All windows look great and operate perfectly in a showroom. But showroom conditions are not the same as real-life conditions.

Yes, our “showroom” is actually comprised of many showrooms. If you want to see our windows in real-life situations, we can show you 20 contracts. You can pick one or two in your area, and our previous customers will be happy to show off their windows.