Custom Front Doors (Entry Doors)Custom Front Doors (Entry Doors)

The front door is the feature of a house that has a long history of interpretations, both traditional and symbolic. When it comes to choosing your new front door, symbolism may not seem to be important, but subconsciously it can and does influence people’s choices. Consider the following information—some interesting from a symbolic perspective, and some highly practical—when choosing a new front door.

Ancient Meaning

Historically, beginning in ancient Egyptian times, it’s been a symbol for passage to a new, unknown place, often guarded by a gatekeeper. In fact, front doors can be interpreted as the gates that provide protection and security.

They represent the mysterious—what lies beyond the door? Gaining access through the door is symbolic of change, new experiences, or new opportunities, as in “they can open doors for you.” And of course, the ease of gaining access tells us whether we’re welcome or not.

Modern Times

Maybe that’s why we make such a big deal about front doors. Yes, the door is a reflection of your personality and tastes, and makes a statement while adding to the curb appeal of your home. Even though it might be costly, it can also be a good investment with high payback when you sell your home. But it’s possibly also a sign of protection and security, or of welcoming a new experience.


Thanks to modern materials and technology, we have a large number of options for creating the atmosphere you want visitors to feel as they approach your front door.


If you’re living in a rural area like most of our customers, you might lean towards a country, ranch, or rustic look. But these days, there are many country homes influenced by other styles including: contemporary, colonial, Cape Cod, Georgian, French chateau, Tudor, English cottage, chalet, southwestern, Spanish, neo-classical, Greek revival, Victorian, gothic, and Mediterranean.  


Do you love the warmth and down-to-earth feeling of real wood or the strength of a steel door? These choices, along with fibreglass, aluminum, or even stainless steel or wrought iron, are all available, although some are definitely more costly, highly customized solutions. If you’re choosing real wood, do you want oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, or a more exotic wood? Each has its own appeal.


Do you need a standard 36” width or wider door, a single door, or a double door? Custom sizes are available.

Shapes & Designs

There is a broad range of shapes and designs for front doors today. These include traditional raised panel or plain surface, plain or decorated glass inserts, arched or double-arched, plain or stained glass sidelights or transom windows, simple trim or highly ornamental woodwork, French doors or garden doors.


Colour theory may also be an influence in your choice of door. Throughout history, red doors have meant “welcome” in many cultures. Green might suggest traditional values. Natural wood or brown is down to earth while Black can mean elegant. Glass is friendly, outgoing, and open minded. Yellow could mean creative. Or you might just like a certain colour.

Practical Matters

In addition to the above, there are a number of practical considerations when choosing front doors:

  • How resistant is the door to forced entry?
  • Durability and reliability. Will the door last and how well will it hold up?
  • Regular painting or refinishing, or maintenance free?
  • Is it easy to operate?
  • How much do you want to invest?

We’ve installed a wide variety of doors over the years and, no matter what your requirements, we can supply and install just about any type of door. Our suppliers are highly skilled and will work with us to customize your front door so you get exactly what you want.