Our TeamOur Team

The Countryside Windows family is close and has been working together for years. We enjoy working hard for our customers and having fun…pretty much all the time.

Whether we’re installing windows, helping a customer choose the right front door, flying planes, or fishing, our team members are extremely loyal, very respectful, and dedicated to doing their best.

Richard Ronaghan – President

Richard RonaghanRichard has more than 30 years of experience in window and door installation, home renovations, deck construction, and siding installation. He started specializing in windows in the late 1980s when he realized many people weren’t getting the level of service or the quality of product they deserved.

When Richard is not overseeing Countryside Windows, helping customers, or talking with suppliers, he likes getting out into the countryside around his home. His passions include flying his own plane, canoeing, fishing, golfing, and gardening.

Richard is a hands-on owner. Once a customer has signed a contract with us, he schedules a visit to make sure everything has been discussed to the customer’s satisfaction, and to talk about any changes the customer might want. And that’s not the end of his involvement. You will probably see him on your job working with the installers, because he’s a bit of a perfectionist and always wants to do the best job possible.

Troy Vance – VP of Operations

Troy VanceWith more than 30 years of experience working on home exteriors, Troy guides our customers as they make decisions about their new windows and doors. A chat with Troy helps our customers understand their options and the various pros and cons of each choice, and he offers solutions based on their unique needs.

Troy has installed windows from many different manufacturers, giving him in-depth knowledge to help customers make the best decision. His focus is to make sure the job is done properly and he refuses to take or allow shortcuts that sacrifice quality.

A carpenter by trade, Troy is proficient at installing windows, doors, decks, siding, roofs, and sunrooms, but most of his experience has been with windows. He has installed everything from high-end custom windows to large window projects involving hundreds of windows for multi-unit residential buildings.

With Countryside Windows since inception, Troy enjoys the people he works with and those he serves. He gets along with everyone and often visits former customers for a coffee and a chat. Troy appreciates the fact that everyone at Countryside puts the customers’ happiness first as this is his primary motive as well.

Music is a big part of Troy’s life and he’s played in a band for many years. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing hockey and golf. 

Bryce Gibson Installer

Bryce has 14 years of experience installing windows and doors as well as doing other renovation work. A very hard worker, he’s been working since he was in high school and has been with Countryside since our inception.

As an installer, Bryce is responsible for quality control on the job from start to finish. His first priority is protecting his customers’ homes and furnishings and then he focuses on doing a job they’ll love. And when it comes to clean up, Bryce is meticulous—he’ll vacuum the whole house if it’s necessary.

According to Bryce, the best part about being an installer is that he gets to spend his days making people happy. He takes great pride in a job well done, no matter what he has to do to achieve it, and he’ll work long and hard when required to make our customers happy.

Born and raised in Calgary, Bryce always felt that city living was the wrong lifestyle for him. He enjoys travelling around in the country, meeting new people, and he likes the fact that Countryside is a small company that values him.

When he isn’t installing our quality windows and doors, Bryce is usually outdoors. He enjoys fishing, camping, backpacking, and mountain biking.

James Leigh Installer

James LeighJames has been installing windows and doors for Countryside from day one. He takes pride in doing every aspect of a job himself, from protecting homes and furnishings to the installation itself, and then cleaning up so it looks like we were never there.

The best part of the job for James is the opportunity to build something and see it completed to the customer’s satisfaction—each and every day. He makes a point of learning every aspect of a job so he can complete entire projects himself. James particularly loves working with wood as well as doing the trim work that makes for an attractive appearance.

James has worked in houses of many styles and especially enjoys making older homes look beautiful again. He’s passionate about making people’s homes look better as a result of his work and is committed to the happiness of our customers.

James also likes that his job takes him out into the country and allows him to work outdoors some of the time. Having grown up in High River, he prefers the country and the charm of small towns to big city living.

In his free time, James can be found rock climbing, backpacking, and hiking, as well as hanging out with his family.