Bay & Bow WindowsBay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are essentially the same, both being variations of a large picture window, but they create a panoramic view, instead of a one-directional view.

Bow WindowThe only difference between them is that bay windows are composed of three panels whereas bow windows have four or more panels of equal size that create an arc shape. The more panels, the more arc-like the window shape becomes. It also creates the illusion that it is one big window. Bay windows tend to protrude further from the home than bow windows.

These types of windows are generally most popular in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, but can be used anywhere a lot of outside light is desired, such as a bedroom. Bay windows often have a built-in window seat to create a cozy place to read a book or enjoy a casual meal.

The advantage over having one large picture window is that they can use any combination of fixed, casement, or double-hung windows for aesthetic appeal and/or improved ventilation. They also create more space and allow light to enter the home from various directions.

Some people maintain that bay and bow windows may also increase the market value of your home; however, they are also more costly to install, especially if they include built-in window seating.

Another disadvantage is that it’s more difficult to install some window treatments, but built-in blinds overcome this disadvantage.