Exterior Door Installation & ReplacementExterior Door Installation & Replacement

Exterior doors can be one of the most expensive items to replace on your house. Whether it’s a new, custom front door, or beautiful French patio doors, you need to make sure your investment is protected.

Exterior doors must be installed perfectly because, unlike windows, they’re constantly being opened, closed, and even slammed by children and teenagers. It’s crucial to use professional installers who have the experience and the skill to:

  • Make sure your doors stand up to wear, tear, and abuse
  • Do the door installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure their warranty isn’t voided
  • Eliminate air penetration or water leaks around the perimeter, to prevent premature aging
  • Secure the door properly

Securing Exterior Doors

When doing a door replacement or installation, security is a very important objective. A poorly installed front door will completely come out of the frame with a solid kick. And that shouldn’t happen.

Done right—properly secured to the frame—the door itself should break before it comes out of the frame. And unless your door is mostly glass, breaking it is no easy feat. Most quality doors, whether wood, steel, or fibreglass, are built to withstand that kind of force.

To properly secure a door and make it snug and solid, the door has to be shimmed and screwed tightly in multiple spots, especially at the hinge and latch areas, with screws penetrating the framing.

A professionally installed door will be perfectly level, square, and plumb, snug and solid, and provide the durability to protect your investment.

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