Window Installation: Like It Never Happened!Window Installation: Like It Never Happened!

No matter how great a product you’ve selected for your home, if it’s not properly installed, it’s going to fail. Whether it’s windows, roofing, siding, or any other home renovation project, the product is only as good as the installation.

Proper window installation ensures that there are no water or air leaks that can cause premature aging. It also ensures the durability of the product, and that the manufacturer’s warranty will be honoured. If your windows are installed properly, you’re going to get a lot of years out of them.

Following are some of the ways we guarantee not only a first-class installation, but minimal inconvenience to you and minimal disruption to your home.

Your Home is Your Castle

We respect your home as much as we respect ours. We’re not going to come in with our muddy boots! We are going to do the following:

  • Use thick rolled carpet instead of ordinary drop sheets. Drop sheets may keep dirt off your floors, but they’re useless against damage from a dropped tool or other sources of dents and scratches.
  • Cover all your furniture and anything else, like computers, which could get dusty. If necessary, we’ll even move those things out of the room.
  • Protect your valuables. We’ll be doing banging and hammering, and we’ll let you know before we start work if there’s anything that should be moved or removed from walls or shelves, like paintings or fragile items.

Installing the Windows

It’s easier for window installers to do a great job when they’re working with a high-quality product to begin with. Many lower-quality windows are screwed in from the back at an angle, held in place with only a few screws, and require a lot of fiddling and shims to try to get them straight.

Our windows require none of that. They’re not only a much heavier vinyl that doesn’t bend, they’re also held in place by a notch around the whole perimeter of the window to make sure the windows are installed straight. They’re engineered to fit perfectly straight. Once they’re in place, we completely fill the cavity around the windows with foam insulation that literally glues the two surfaces together to ensure there’s no movement.

Interior: Preparing the Casing

Paint-grade casing. We prime your casing before we install it, and then fill the nail holes. All you need to do is a light sanding and put on one coat of paint.

Wood casing. Installing unfinished wood makes for a harder, messier job for someone else after the fact. That’s why we pre-stain the casing to your colour choice before it’s installed. All that’s visible are a few tiny nail holes. If you’re fussy, you can fill the holes and put on another coat of stain, but it’s not necessary.

Exterior: No Old-School Methods

A poor-quality installation. This is often done using a window with a nailing fin, or flange, which is designed for new construction. It’s easier, and any errors in the original measurements can be covered up. However, it leaves a gap that the window installers have to build up and cover with capping, which is an old-school technique.

Our installation. We change the entire frame, not just the window. Instead of a nailing flange, we use a brick mold that’s attached to the vinyl of your windows. Doing it this way requires us to be extremely accurate in our measurements. But the result is a single complete unit that fits snuggly against the exterior of your home, with no buildup and capping. Air and water penetration is minimized.

Clean Up

We’ve had many accolades for our clean up. As with any renovation work, you’re going to have some dust when we leave, because it’s impossible to completely stop the dust from flowing through the house.

But we will vacuum your floors, clean the windows—inside and out—so they’re spotless, wipe the windowsills, and clean up all debris inside and out. And if we’ve moved anything before we started work, we’ll move it back.

We try to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. You’ve got brand new windows, and it’s like the installation never happened.